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Master Git

Be a git guru the quick and easy way

What`s inside

 – Start by learning the basics of Git in the most simplest of ways.


– Next, Head over to the Advance Topics and get to know more about various git commands and how they can be used in your next project.


– Come back once in a while to the cheat sheet section if you forget a git command that you once knew.

About the Content

The contents are distributed into blogs and pages depending on the type of explanation needed.


As time flies, we will be updating the contents with even more useful resources to help you reach your goal faster with better understanding.

Table of Contents

Git Basics and the Cheat Sheet section will summarize you the basics of Git. For more in-depth explanations, head over to the Advance Topics section.

Git Basics

Understand git and version control the easy way.

Cheat Sheet

Save time, be more productive and enhance your workflow.

Advance Topics

Refine your skills by knowing what happens under the hood