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An awesome collection of reference guides for everyday use

What`s inside

– Quick reference guides for a variety of programming languages and tools.


– Come back once in a while if you wish to recall that certain command in that certain language that you once knew.


 – Bookmark this page and you won`t get lost in the world of programming every again.

About the Content

This site contains a collection of specialized programming cheat sheets that a developer will often use in his every day life.


As time flies, we will be updating this page with more useful guides and references for the rest of the programming topics.

Table of Contents

A collection of quick reference guides for a number of programming languages and tools.

Git Cheat Sheet

Save time, be more productive and enhance your workflow.

Dart Cheat Sheet

A complete Dart cheat sheet for everyday use (from beginners to advanced users)

JavaScript Cheat Sheet

From basic setup to DOM manipulation to the latest ECMA script features.

MS SQL Cheat Sheet

SQL Server cheat sheet for everyday use.