Introduction To Programming


Everyone owns a mobile phone these days. Everyone has a laptop, a desktop or a gaming console. Some people use a Windows PC while some prefer Mac or Linux. With these ever growing number of tools, devices and platforms, anything and everything in today`s technical world has a touch of programming.

Just try counting the number of electronic devices that exist in the world today and you will realize the importance and power of programming.

The important question here is, What it really is …?#!!

What is Programming ?

In General terms, Programming is the process of writing computer programs using a programming language and the people who practice it are called programmers.

However, In today`s world, Programming is different for different people. Its meaning has actually evolved and dispersed into many different sectors over time.

For some people, Programming is robotics, industrialization or data science.
For some, Programming is web, mobile or game development.
For others, Programming is database administration, statistical modeling, embedded systems development.

No matter how many more of such meanings there are for programming, and how people see it, the basic concept remains the same.

To have an idea in your head and turn it into a computer program.

If I was explaining it to a 10 years old kid, I would say…
Programming is all about making an electronic device to do what we want it to do.
And the fact is, It really is true.

To understand that, we have to dig in a little deeper. We need to be aware of what actually happens inside the Ginis Lamp which in our case is the brain of any electron device. Its Central Processing Unit or the CPU.

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